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The winner of Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival

Hyéres Fashion Festival


House of Chanel as the guest of honour of The 3Oth International Festival of Fashion and Photography in hyères, announced the winner of fashion designer and photographer on the final evening event on 27th April 2015.

The Fashion Jury exceptionally awarded not one, but two main prizes in fashion category. German womenswear designer Annelie Schubert took the major prize 15,000 euros, as well as a collaborative project with Chanel’s Métiers d’Art.

A graduate of Hamburg University of Applied Science and a former intern of Haider Ackermann’s, Schubert set out to explore ‘female expression” in her collection, working with sensual fabrics to create an elegant and layered look. We like Annelie’s use of colours, material and her sense of femininity,” said Fashion jury president Virginie Viard.

Dutch designer Weike Sinnige received runner-up prize of 5000 euros, and she will also have the rarefied opportunity to collaborate with Lesage. “She is a real artist, she paints, and we felt that she would really benefit from an experience with Lesage,” Viard said Sinnige, whose spirited collection, inspired by the kaleidoscope, plays with perspective and colour.

Hyeres Festival


Dutch photographer Sjoerd Knibbeler was awarded first prize in photography, valued 15,000 euros. Over the past two years Knibbeler’s work has been concerned with aerodynamics, as he set out to capture the power of natural forces through his lens by manipulating the materials featured in his photographs.

As with the fashion prize this year, the jury exceptionally created an additional prize for photography to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the festival. Greek photographer Evangelia Kranioti, whose interest in anthropology led her across the high seas, documenting the travels and intimacies of sailors around the world, was awarded 10,000 euros.


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