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The Catwalk Style by Andhika

Andhika Dharmapermana, is one of the young fashion stylist in collaboration with The Catwalk Fashion Gallery to jointly educate the public of the role of a fashion stylist in the fashion industry that requires high creativity, taste, and skill.

With the theme Wandering Refugee, Andhika defines a youth movement of the world towards a systematic freedom. Andhika inspired by the life of nomadic hippies and bums with a visual language that is translated into the modern fashion style that is unusal and quirkie layering. MFJ-Jakarta

The Catwalk Style by Andhika

Andhika Dharmapermana, adalah salah satu fashion stylist muda yang bekerjasama dengan The Catwalk Fashion Gallery untuk bersama-sama mengedukasi masyarakat akan peranan fashion stylist dalam industri fashion yang membutuhkan kreatifitas tinggi, taste, dan skill.

Dengan tema Wandering Refugee, Andhika mengartikan suatu pergerakan kaum muda dari dunia yang sistematis menuju suatu kebebasan. Andhika terinspirasi oleh kehidupan hippies nomaden dan gelandangan yang diterjemahkan dengan bahasa visual fashion moderen ke dalam gaya layering yang unusal dan quirkie. MFJ-Jakarta

Isna Darmuis-Menneveux

Always lost in Paris. A fashion observer, food explorer, an Indonesian woman lives in Paris who loves to discover new things and frame it to her camera.