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Natural Beauty, Une Nuit A Bali

The legitimate link between French elegance and Asian charm ‘Une Nuit A Bali’

Une Nuit A Bali is a collaboration between two people who are passionated about travel and nature. They came up with the idea of creating a luxurious natural beauty product that combined their passion for travelling and what they’ve learnt so far from their travels. Their first stop for their research was Bali, and that’s how it got its name. They want to keep the sensation and their experience in Bali alive by creating their first perfume inspired by Bali.

Une Nuit A Bali Product range consist of body oil, exfoliating body scrubs, shower gel, moisturise and of course natural perfume. All the products are made using the best natural ingredients and are made in France.

Bali has always captivate people from around the world and this time it has inspired a French beauty products, how awesome is that.

Une Nuit A Bali is available online and from the Colette in Paris. Please check website for other stockist nearest to your city.

*All photos courtesy of Une Nuit A Bali Website.
Irene Widjaja - Perelli

Irene Widjaja - Perelli

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