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My New Treasure Paris Secret Archives

La Galcante Store Paris
When everybody think (including me) where we can find some old documents, newsletters or magazines, we must be think the easiest way to find them is in the library whether in local or state library.  In Paris, there is a special secret archives store where you can buy or sell some old newsletters and magazines starting edition from 1700s.


It’s La Galcante store, my new treasure Paris secret archives located in rue de l’Arbre sec which is not too far from rue de rivoli the first district in Paris. I found the store is very interesting for me. When you are outside from the street you wouldn’t notice there is a hidden archive store just few feet hidden from the main street.


I was instantly amazed when I walked inside the store…very quiet and calm. There was just a female costumer just bought something and the person incharges the store was giving more information about it. I waited for him to get permission to take some photos but only few minutes he looked at me and he said “with a pleasure. Take as much as you want”. I let him continue with his costumer and I continue with my new treasure!


La Galcante was found in 1975 by Christian Bailly, The Chairman of Press Museum at that time. It is the first store in france selling old newspapers and documents more than 7million copies of various publications such as newspapers, magazines, weekly, monthly, etc in 1200m2 warehouse Paris first district. The collection starting from 1700s and the best selling between 1920s to 1970s.

Pierre, the person in-charge at that time finally finished with his customer and came approached me.

What is the oldest newsletter do you have?

Suddenly he moved to one of the shelves which wasn’t too far from me. He took a piece of paper covered with a plastic hanging on the book shelf . “We have some old newsletters. One of them is..this one”. It was Le Journal de Paris in black printed, pretty tick and the surface was pretty rough. He pulled it out from the plastic and he swing it like a fan. I was so afraid to touch cause that journal was printed in 15th August 1784!

He also showed me another magazine, le Figaro Illustrè edition August 1897 in colour. The paper was pretty tick, strong and smooth surface. Very good quality during those periods and I think even until now.

And then he showed me The New York Heralds newspapers 1912. The news was about RMS Titanic as one of the largest and most luxurious passenger at the time. On the paper was written apparently the ship had machine problems before and it was being towed by 3 tugs when it just left from the southhampton water UK on the way maiden voyage to New York. That happened before the ship continued to sail struck the iceberg and killed 1500 people.


What type of costumers do you have who come to your store? 

Most of people come here to find more informations for their researches such as journalists, documentarians or movie makers. Directore/trice such as Sophia Coppola, before she made a movie ‘Marie Antoinette’, her team came here. Martin Scorsses the director of Hugo Cabret movie, his team came over here to. Many more has came.

There are also some people who come to the store want keep something as their memories related what had happened to their life in the past.


This place has many precious stories well written in the past..

Walking through this store surrounded by invaluable papers that all had happened in the past around the world, I felt I was in different timezone so far behind.

To see more photos, please have a look to Facebook Page


La Galcante
52 Rue de l’Arbre Sec, 75001 Paris.
Phone: +33 1 44 77 87 44
Hours: 10h00 -19h30 Monday to Friday
Metro Station: Louvre Rivoli or Chatelet Les-Halles

Isna Darmuis-Menneveux

Always lost in Paris. A fashion observer, food explorer, an Indonesian woman lives in Paris who loves to discover new things and frame it to her camera.