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My Journey at Cour de Commerce St. Andrew, Odéon

It has been a while we were planning if we could make a video from our camera to show some places in Paris. So we decided to make a small video at Cour de Commerce St. Andrew (in English: Court Trade of St. Andrew) located in Quartier du Latin area in 6th district heart of Paris. This court is the link between no 130 Boulevard St. Germain to no 59 rue St. Andrew des Art. It has also the third entrance at no 21 rue de l’ancienne comédie.


The court trade was opened in 1776 and the reason behind the name was given at that time caused there are shop facades, in roof and canopy present historical monument along side. Among the famous brands of the courtyard, there is a very famous café named Le Frocope café founded in 1684 by Francesco Frocopio del Coltelli and opened in 1686 as The Oldest café in Paris.

CourDeCommerce St. Andrew

While we were shooting some video and photos in front of Le Frocope, there was a gate always open and some people came in and out. We wondered what inside was, well apparently is a secret hidden courtyard a way to another street!

et voila! this is our video made by Irene Widjaja

Isna Darmuis-Menneveux

Always lost in Paris. A fashion observer, food explorer, an Indonesian woman lives in Paris who loves to discover new things and frame it to her camera.