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Luxurious Indonesian Fashion

Something new, present at the fashion extravaganza JFFF 2014. Cooperation with Studio One which is a fashion production company, presenting JFFF Supreme Style featuring the best works of the young couture designers Indonesia. JFFF Supreme Style aims to position Indonesia luxury fashion parallel to international standards like a red carpet glamorous.


At the event, JFFF and Studio One work together with 5 talented fashion designers such as, Albert Yanuar, Resnha Adiatmadiraksa, with his brand resnha, Imelda Kartini, Soko Wiyanto, and Andreas Odang. Each of their designs is performed, giving a certain aura and emotions in contemporary fashion. Luxury, so impressive, high-end and exclusive. MFJ-Jakarta


Kemewahan Mode Indonesia

Sesuatu yang baru, hadir pada fashion extravaganza JFFF 2014. Bekerjasama dengan Studio One yang merupakan sebuah perusahaan fashion production, menghadirkan JFFF Supreme Style yang menampilkan karya-karya terbaik dari para perancang-perancang adibusana muda Indonesia. JFFF Supreme Style bertujuan untuk memposisikan kemewahan mode Indonesia sejajar dengan standar red carpet international yang glamor.


Pada event trsebut, JFFF dan Studio One menggandeng 5 perancang mode bertalenta seperti, Albert Yanuar, Resnha Adiatmadiraksa, dengan brand-nya resnha, Imelda Kartini, Soko Wiyanto, dan Andreas Odang. Setiap rancangan mereka yang tampil, memberi pancaran aura dan emosi tertentu pada mode masa kini. Sehingga berkesan Mewah, high-end, dan eksklusif. MFJ-Jakarta

Isna Darmuis-Menneveux

Always lost in Paris. A fashion observer, food explorer, an Indonesian woman lives in Paris who loves to discover new things and frame it to her camera.