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Le Poulet Braissé, The African BBQ Chicken in Italian Restaurant

Pizzeria O’scià PARIS
I would like to introduce you one of my favourite Italian Restaurants which has delicious African BBQ chicken between Italian menu. Le Poulet Braissé that’s how they called, half of whole bbq chicken presents with fried banana, jasmine rice and different type of sauces. This restaurant in fact very famous for Indonesian community in Paris cause the flavour suits to Asian taste.

You must be wonder why African BBQ Chicken is in Italian Restaurant. It used to be an African restaurant before but they had to sold it. So the new owner, Pizzeria O’scià wants to keep its former customers. Soon realised le poulet braissé was the most favourite meal, they keep le poulet braissé between italian meals on the menu.

Their authenthic italian food is outstanding too and I had eaten their pizzas. Bellissimo!

The restaurant is always full so if you don’t make reservations you just have to line up in front of restaurant.

Pizzeria O’scià
44, rue Tiquetonne. 75002 Paris
Phone: 01 75 77 23 18
Open everyday from 12h00 to 14h30 and 19h30 to 23h30

Isna Darmuis-Menneveux

Always lost in Paris. A fashion observer, food explorer, an Indonesian woman lives in Paris who loves to discover new things and frame it to her camera.