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Karl Lagerfeld Barbie

Barbie dolls are not just for little girls anymore these days, they have become one of the most sought after collector items, especially when Mattell started the Collector Editions for the big girls. Let me tell you, there are a lot of people that will go ‘gaga’ over these limited-edition Barbie, keeping them in mint condition untouched and never been opened as apparently their value go up with time. They sell like hot cakes and if you ever been to one Barbie exhibition you’ll be amazed, especially the vintage one they can sell up to thousands of dollars in an auctions.

It is not the first time Mattell team up with Karl Lagerfeld nor other famous designer like Dior, Herve Leger, Oscar De la Renta, Burberry and even Louboutin. Karl designed the special Chanel suit for Barbie’s 50th Anniversary, a complete Chanel look. I mean seriously, Barbie has better wardrobe then most people I know, especially when designers are flocking designing special outfit for her.

Karl Lagerfeld Barbie a new look no other than with Karl Lagerfeld’s iconic uniform, complete with high collared white shirt, black blazer, skinny black pants, sunglasses last but not least the famous Karl Lagerfeld’s fingerless black gloves. It’s a complete makeover for Barbie, the Karl Lagerfeld way of course. I think it will epic and it would be sold out within hours…

So fashion obsessed Barbie collectors, how far will you go to get one? Release date hasn’t been announce yet but I am sure it would just around Barbie’s 55th Birthday celebration. So stay tune for official release dates.




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