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In Exhibition.. Paris Haute Couture at Hotel de Ville part 1

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Paris Haute Couture exhibition invite you to enjoy beautiful dressess from Chanel, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, etc. The collections has chosen among the most beautiful parts of the museum collections and loans from institutions and fashion houses.

This is the first time at Hotel de Ville Paris, organize over a hundred of creations, 150 years of fashion industry. It’s a unique opportunity to discover masterpieces, photographs, draws and newsletters during those periods.

It was in Paris around 1900, young designers were challenged to luxury clothing, revealing the unlimited artistic potential first. Since then the generation of designers have succeeded in making high fashion in rich expression of the meaning and beauty before that. but haute couture is not the work of isolated geniuses. It’s group of people, working by hands, quietly for hours, carefully, gesture after gesture, to achieve maximum results.

Some of important dates in Paris Haute Couture:

Charles Frederick Worth in 1858, considered the first great couturier, opens at 7 rue de la Paix in Paris, a “special home making.”

1873 Worth employs 1,200 workers in its workshops.

1875 Arrival of Jacques Doucet to head Doucet, lingerie home. He developed the radius of dressmaking.

1903 Paul Poiret found his own fashion house.

1911 Constitution of the Union Chamber of Parisian haute couture. Only designers listed on the schedule of collections belong to the haute couture.

1915 Gabrielle Chanel opened her store/workshop at 29-31 rue Cambon.

1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs presented in Paris, 75 fashion houses are represented.

1930 For reasons of economy, the usual four hundred models are a collection are reduced to a hundred. It is estimated while the French fashion industry is living 350,000 workers and 150,000 artisans (embroiderers, glovers, lace, jewelry …).

1935 Elsa Schiaparelli opened her house 21 Place Vendome. Chanel employs 4,000 workers who produce 28,000 models per year.

1937 Cristóbal Balenciaga moved his store from Spain to 10 Avenue George-V Paris.

1945 By Order of April 6 in the Official Journal, fashion houses are “present in Paris each season spring-summer and autumn-winter, to be fixed by the Chambre Syndicale of Parisian haute couture, a collection of at least 75 models. “

Christian Dior in 1947, after worked for Lucien Lelong, Elsa Schiaparelli and Robert Piguet, finally he opened his own couture house at 30 avenue Montaigne.

1952 Hubert de Givenchy opened his house rue Alfred de Vigny. Pierre Cardin, after working at Paquin opened his own couture house 118 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

1953 Sewing employs 150,000 workers whose 6799 work for haute couture, distributed among 59 houses that produce some 90 000 models.

1962 Yves Saint Laurent shows in January the first collection of his fashion house founded the previous year.

1966 Pierre Cardin presented his autumn-winter collection in the street.

1968 Cristobal Balenciaga closed his couture house.

1973 couture employs 3,120 workers in 25 houses producing a set of 30,000 pieces.

1976 Jean Paul Gaultier launches his house 325 rue Saint-Martin.

1987 Christian Lacroix set up his own fashion house Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore.

1990 Haute Couture employs 928 workers.

1994 Young designers may have twenty-five models per season.

2001 Regulatory Reform of the term “haute couture” which allows the admission of new members. A designer is no longer obliged to have a workshop. Sponsorship and election take priority over the quantitative criteria (number of workers, models,presentations …).

Yves Saint Laurent in 2002 ended his career.

2007 Anne Valerie Hash and Maurizio Galante adhere to the Chambre Syndicale de haute couture.

2010 Christian Lacroix closed his fashion house.

2012 Martin Margiela and Alexis Mabille fall into the exclusive club of haute couture houses.

Document sources:
Mairie de Paris
l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris
Photographed by: Marc Verhille.

Isna Darmuis-Menneveux

Always lost in Paris. A fashion observer, food explorer, an Indonesian woman lives in Paris who loves to discover new things and frame it to her camera.